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Our customers can obtain a copy of the users manual below for changing or setting up basic features on Systems installed by Exin Security Systems. For advanced programming and changes

to the system, please contact us. If you do not see the manual you are searching for in the list below, please leave us a note letting us know the specific users manual you need and we will gladly update our website.

User manuals may be downloaded and printed, or simply viewed online by downloading a free version of Abobe Acrobat Reader. We will update our list of user manuals to keep you in touch with the latest technology.

Our customers have complete download access to Adobe Acrobat PDF archives pertaining to specific systems installed by Exin Security Systems. The PDF documents can also be viewed online and provide the needed support to troubleshoot minor system problems that may arise throughtout the lifetime of the equipment. You may access the archives by visitng User Manuals.


Insuring your security systems works when you needed it the most requires regular testing and maintenance. With your family and your security in mind, Exin Security System helps ensure proper operation of everyone of its installed and monitored systems by sending a regular test signal. We strive to provide our customers with the best in customer support, latest in technology and ease of mind knowing everyone of its systems secures our customers because securing you, helps secure our future. Our customers can obtain warranty information and maintence tips to further assure that we meet our customers each and every security needs.

Call Exin Security Systems today at 512-252-3844 or Toll Free: 1-800-956-3946.

Home Security

At EXIN Security Systems, we do our best to provide you with the utmost security to insure your safety. However, utilizing aditional safety tips can put you a step closer to taking the safety and security of your family and property into your own hands. Please take some time and educate yourself on some facts and safety tips liste


The FBI has estimates that as many as 87% of crimes reported to police are property-related.

About 60% of residential burglaries occur during daylight hours.

Burglars break into a residence about every 11 seconds.of reported burglaries, the intruders gain entry without force through an open door or window.

In about two-thirds of burglaries, the intruders force their way in, breaking windows and doors.

Communities experience a 10 to 18 percent increase in home burglaries during the summer, especially in August, when people tend to vacation.


Install deadbolt door locks and window latches to help prevent break-ins. Doors should have deadbolt locks with a one-inch throw and a reinforced strike plate with three-inch screws.

Secure sliding glass doors by placing a metal rod or piece of wood in the track. Install vertical bolts.

Don’t rely on a garage door opener for security. Keep the door to an attached garage locked.

Secure air conditioners from the inside.

Prune shrubbery near your windows to avoid offering burglars a hiding place while they are breaking in.

Chain latches do not work, so you should be sure to use the peephole before opening the door. Be suspicious of deliveries you did not order.

Program all your phones to automatically dial 911.

Use timers on lights, radios and TV’s in order to create the illusion that someone is home.

Keep the perimeter of your home well lighted.

A complete dusk-activated lighting system will make your home look occupied when you are still at work, out on the town, or away on vacation.

When you are away on a trip, have someone you trust collect mail and newspapers. Leave a car parked in your driveway. Keep some curtains open to make your house look occupied. Do not record a message on your answering machine telling people that you are away from home.

Make your whole neighborhood safer by organizing a community watch program.

Alarm company lawn and window signs help advertise that your home is being monitored, and that the police could be there within a minut



Any alarm caused by human error or equipment problems requiring police response, with no evidence of an actual crime having been committed.


Divert police resources and potentially take police away from real emergencies.

Lead neighbors to ignore your alarm when it goes off. In effect, the alarm system becomes less reliable and less credible.

Will cost you fines. Typically in a calendar year, between 2 to 5 false alarm calls are responded to by police with no charge. However, the fines increase for excessive false alarms.

The largest single cause of false alarms is human error. Ensure that everyone who uses the alarm system knows how it works: how to turn it on and off, and what to do should anyone accidentally set it off. Some recent advances in the alarm industry have made if possible to accurately differentiate between a human and a pet. However, in few cases false alarms can still trigger by the movements of pets that are left unattended by their owner with the alarm system armed. A small percentage of false alarms are caused by mechanical failure or weather related problems. Unlocked or loose doors that may swing open Use of incorrect key pad codes Failure to secure doors and windows before arming the alarm system WHAT CAN YOU DO TO REDUCE FALSE ALARMS?
Insure authorized users are familiar with the alarm system’s operations. Secure all doors and windows prior to arming the alarm system. Be ware of environmental changes such as moving or obstructing seasonal decorations, new pets, design changes, plants, etc., that might have an impact on the alarm system. Keep pets, fans, heaters, balloons, fax machines, etc. away from motion sensor areas. Make sure to replace the backup battery every three to five years . Notify EXIN Security Systems of any changes made in the telephone system (i.e., changing telephone service, area code, etc.) or adding or removal of an authorized individuals to be notified. IF A FALSE ALARM OCCURS?
If you are not home EXIN Security will call you or an authorized indivduals before calling 911. If the alarm is a panic or holdup alarm, EXIN Security will call 911 immediately. If you are home, first disarm the alarm system and cancel the call by notifying EXIN Security immediately. You will not be charged unless the office responds to your premises. Keep your secert cancellation code along with EXIN Security System’s telephone number (1-800-620-3946) hidden, but accessible. EXIN Security System’s requires the use of a secret code word or number to cancel a police response. Note: In the event of a cancelled false alarm, police may still respond to your premise to visiually verify that you are the alarm user. Even if your alarm went off for only a few seconds, the police will be notified.


Any alarm caused by human error or equipment problems requiring police response, with no evidence of an actual crime having been committed.Divert police resources and potentially take police away from real emergencies.

Lead neighbors to ignore your alarm when it goes off. In effect, the alarm system becomes less reliable and less credible.

Will cost you fines. Typically in a calendar year, between 2 to 5 false alarm calls are responded to by police with no charge. However, the fines increase for excessive false alarms

What happens if a burglar cuts my phone line?

A. Alarm systems use the public switched telephone network to transmit their signal to the monitoring station. If the phone line is cut, the connection to the end user’s provider is cut, and the system cannot transmit its alarm data. Exin Security Systems can provide cellular back up. A cellular unit is installed to transmit the alarm signal over the data channel of the existing cellular network that provides service for all cell phone traffic.

How long does it take for the monitoring station to respond?

A. On average, 27 seconds. Operator response time is calculated by measuring the time it takes from the time the automation sends the signal to the dispatcher to the time the dispatcher makes the first call. It takes the alarm system roughly 10 seconds to transmit its message and it takes the receiver about 3 seconds to process it and send it to the automation system. Response times are also affected by time of day. Peak times are from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. central time. Response during these hours may be a bit longer as alarm traffic is higher. The reality is most that most actual alarms take place between midnight and 4:00 a.m. Response during these hours is extremely fast.


Exin Security Systems tries to make certain that all of its installed system are operational and fully functional years down the road. We make certain by sending a weekly test signal to every one our installed system and checking for failure of communication. When a failure is detected, a technician is immediately notified to visit the premise and address the issue.

We offer up to 3 years of warranty on Home Security Systems and up to 5 years on our Commercial Security Systems. Extended warranty on all equipment is optional. For systems which have been installed by other parties, we offer takeover of ‘out of contract’ alarm systems.

Systems which have been installed by other companies may have had a fixed term contract, which expires after a fixed term at which point owner must decide whether to renew with their prior company for a greater monitored service charge or look for an alternative. However, if you have purchased and/or own the property and the contract is terminated and would like to re-instate monitoring.

We are the alternative; Rather than returning to the original company, we may be cheaper for you in the long term. It may be possible for us to takeover such system on a maintenance basis and or even re-instate monitoring via a central receiver station. Our contracts are for 12 months on a rolling basis, which can be canceled after the initial 12 months.

Make the right choice. Call us today and find out what we have to offer you at 1-800-956-3946.