Home Security

Home Security

At Exin Security Systems, your security is our number one concern. Providing dependable and flexible security systems for your home, is our business. For your safety we offer the latest in security technology, excellent customer service and the highest quality alarm monitoring service available.

Single Family Homes

Exin Security Systems knows about securing family homes. We have the experience to meet the unique security needs of the family. Whether it’s small children, pets or special rooms and conditions, Exin Security Systems has the experience and technology to make your home secure.

Exin Security Systems provide several packages for the home that include 24/7 live technical support, supervised automatic weekly test system. We even provide structure wiring for new homes. If a wireless security system suits your needs, then we can provide an expert wireless solution to protect your family and home.

Exin Security Systems is dedicated to providing you the very best in security system technologies to protect your family and possessions. Call Exin Security Systems today at 1-800-956-3946 for a free evaluation and quote.


Apartments and Condominiums differ from stand alone homes in ways that may affect security. Apartments and Condos often share walls with adjoining homes and there may be management guidelines and or limitations that restrict the installation of new wiring. Exin Security Systems has solutions for these unique security needs.

Exin Security Systems can install wireless security systems that provide ongoing security and peace of mind for residents of apartments and condos. Residents of apartments and condos also may not use traditional telecommunication services. Exin Security Systems can provide wireless security solutions for those residents who use voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) and TCP/IP.

Exin Security Systems can also provide excellent security for those apartments and condos that are already wired or need to have wiring installed.

Call Exin Security Systems today at 512-252-3844 or Toll Free: 1-800-956-3946. Give yourself peace of mind, knowing you’ll get immediate response, with security at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.